Regulation of Feking

Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.


Scope of Application

This regulation applies to all referenced organizations, whether they are partnerships, companies, or non-profit organizations. The RoundTable of the United Community has all rights of interpretation.

Commencement Date

This regulation was approved by the 'Regulation of Feking' Review Group under the RoundTable of the United Community on

19 August 2023

General Principles


Democracy is the cornerstone of the United Community of Feking, hereafter referred to as the United Community. No entity or individual is permitted to undermine the democratic framework of the United Community.
Note 1: Calypso, the fourth leader of the United Community, broadened the democratic reach from the RoundTable to the entire community. This move safeguarded the Community's autonomous function, free from corporate interference.
Note 2: This democratic framework is primarily represented through freedom of expression. Neither the Administration nor the Senate should obstruct external critique in any manner.


As a comprehensive online community, the United Community prohibits the dissemination of universally acknowledged unwholesome internet content. This encompasses, but is not limited to:
Example 1: Dissemination of messages containing violence pornographic, or drug-related content.
Example 2: Spreading rumours, unwelcome sexual advances or taunts, or posting derogatory remarks.
Example 3: Indiscriminate monetary solicitation or begging within the United Community.
Content featuring non-targeted actual violence, minor injuries, or sexual imagery and implications may be posted in specified areas with the approval of a director or a district representative, who assumes full responsibility.
Actions that significantly deviate from humour, causing the victim to endure internet violence as adjudged by the Safety Committee, or transforming Administration and Senate criticism into personal attacks, exceed the limits of accepted free speech.


The United Community fosters a culture of friendliness, encouraging:
Example 1: Use of welcoming, inclusive language.
Example 2: Respect for diverse viewpoints and experiences.
Example 3: Graceful acceptance of constructive criticism.
Example 4: Focus on what benefits the Community most.
Example 5: Empathy towards fellow members.

The propagation of behaviours likely to cause unease is not permitted within the United Community. This includes, but is not limited to:
Example 1: Disparaging intelligence, discriminating against intellectuals, or promoting anti-intellectualism.
Example 2: Discriminatory practices aimed at self-aggrandizement.
Example 3: Engagement in mystically tinged behaviours under the guise of modern consumerism.
Example 4: Abbreviating non-aggressive everyday language or ambiguous concepts, hindering effective communication.
The United Community stands against discrimination based on illness, experience level, socio-economic status, appearance, or religious beliefs. The Safety Committee will not tolerate any conduct that might incite or support discrimination.
Typically refers to excessive adoration for a product or brand, leading to unwarranted attacks on users of similar competing products without due consideration of product or service specifics.

Instant Messaging

This section is relevant to all instant messaging applications, including Telegram and Discord.

1. No organisation or individual should interfere with the chat or browsing experience of others. This includes, but is not limited to:
Example 1: Spamming: Sending the same meaningless message three or more times in quick succession.
Example 2: Unfocused screen capturing to convey screen content, severely impairing visibility or making the content indecipherable.
Example 3: Repeating a message mindlessly more than three times.

2. No organisation or individual shall engage in commercial advertising for profit. This encompasses, but is not limited to:
Example 1: Spreading false advertisements, disseminating dubious information about recruitment or part-time opportunities.
Example 2: Malicious promotion, exaggerating the benefits of a community to attract others.

Cloud Storage

This section applies to all services with storage capabilities, such as cloud storage and image hosting services.

1. The uploader retains all rights, and United Community entities cannot control, verify, or endorse unless:
① The data made public by the holder violates the Regulation of Feking.
② It is unanimously agreed upon by the RoundTable, Administration, and Senate, and the Safety Committee acts upon accounts deemed as "Silly Billy".

2. Data holders sharing content in public areas thereby agree to the "Intellectual Property Statement of the Feking Regulations: User Section".

3. In cases where data leakage is caused by the holder's operational error and there is no contact with the Vector Laboratory or notification to the Safety Committee within 24 hours, it will be considered public content and no longer protected.


1. The Administration: The community director and staff are directly accountable to the policies of President of United Community, who determines their duties and reassignment.

2. The Senate: Senators serve for life and discuss the feasibility of United Community affairs with district representatives, conveying ideas to the RoundTable.

3. The RoundTable: Members vote for the community leader on March 25 and for the Speaker on August 19. A 2/3 online member majority can approve Senate proposals, implemented with the support of the Administration. If members violate the Regulation of Feking, the Speaker has the right to revoke their membership.


This section applies to token services involved in the HW & YZ business managed by the United User Center.

1. United Community tokens are not blockchain-encrypted virtual currencies and hold no investment value.

2. Sovereign currencies like USD, GBP, CNY can be freely exchanged for tokens, but cashing out tokens requires HW & YZ partner approval, hence they are not highly liquid.

3. HoM (Hairpins of MomijidaniRisa) is equivalent to one gram of gold; Dinner (Dinar) is equivalent to 1/7 of CNY and can be used for HW & YZ share exchanges.

User Guidelines

User Ratings

1. Silly Billy (SB): Those who cause disorder risk expulsion from the United Community by the Safety Committee and notification to all associated organisations.

2. Basic Users: Registered members of the United User Centre ( or Simplified Universal User Dashboard (

3. Senior Users: Users granted this title by the RoundTable for sponsoring public welfare activities within the United Community.

4. Pro Users: Esteemed customers who purchase products or services from Nebulo or other profit-making entities.


1. Users who are minors as defined by applicable laws must obtain consent from their legal guardians before using products or services of the United Community, and use them under supervision. Furthermore, minors under 13 or those in primary school are prohibited from using United Community products or services.

2. The United Community refuses any use of its platform to infringe on others' rights or violate laws and regulations. While not guaranteeing the non-occurrence of such incidents, we will take necessary legal measures to prevent or mitigate them. Disputes arising from these incidents should be directly resolved between the affected parties and the infringer, with the United Community not being involved; any responsibilities and consequences arising are borne by the respective parties, not the United Community.

Privacy Policy

1. Information Collection: To provide better services, the United Community's products and services may automatically store registration information under the user's voluntary choice. All original data entered is stored in our database. For your security, please avoid using personal information (including but not limited to real names, phone numbers, addresses). Users should not transfer or lend their account or password to others. If unauthorized use of an account is detected, contact the Safety Committee immediately. Internet usage is not immune to hacking or user negligence leading to unauthorized account use, which is beyond the United Community's control.

2. Information Gathered During Product or Service Use: Log information is recorded by Vector Laboratory servers when you use our products or services, such as usage details, IP address, URL of the accessed service, browser type, language, and date and time of access.

All data is anonymised, but encryption is not guaranteed. Backup storage may be conducted by Vector Laboratory in other countries or regions with different privacy laws.

3. Information Use: The United Community authorizes Vector Laboratory, under Nebulo, to use collected information to provide personalised services, and will not disclose this information unless prior user consent is obtained or specified otherwise in this statement. However, under the following circumstances, user information may be disclosed:
① With prior user consent;
② As required by laws, regulations, legal processes, or policies;
③ Under joint pressure on the United Community from the Nebulo Board of Directors, Asolidus Board of Directors, ByArts Board of Directors, and HW & YZ partners.

Intellectual Property Statement

Users (excluding Silly Billy) own the data and publicly submitted documents they provide. Unless specifically stated, we reserve the right to submit these to the United Community content platform, following the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Without explicit prior written permission from the community leader, content published by members, staff, or elders in their personal capacity must not be disseminated or used for commercial purposes. Official content provided by United Community institutions is for reference and personal use only. Unless explicitly stated by the RoundTable, Administration, or Senate, no part of any content or trademarks may be copied, compiled, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed outside United Community jurisdiction, encoded, translated, transmitted, sold, or distributed.